We bring exponential audience growth to your Ministry and faith-driven Content through Social Media and a consistent Online presence.

Do your Social Media profiles and your website look like a ghost town, filled with dated content?

I had a client who had put together an in-house team of ministry members to handle content creation for the Blog and manage her Ministry’s social media profiles.


Even after a couple of years with this team doing their social media, they were on their way to a book launch a few months ahead and getting ZERO engagement and audience growth online.


You would look at the Ministry website and social media profiles and they were like a beautiful, empty town – filled with content that no one was resonating with.


When we stepped in to revamp the website, branding and social media of this particular Ministry, they needed to concentrate their team efforts on content production, and have our specialized hands taking care of creative, strategic and technical concerns related with their online presence.


The outcomes…

By doing that, the Ministry has grown by more than 545% on Facebook, 5000% on Instagram and 100% on their Website audience in a 7-month time frame. When their book launch came in, they had a much better audience to educate about their product.


The numbers keep getting better at each Board Meeting, and the Ministry members who used to spend their time managing the website and social media can make better use of their time resources doing what they’re supposed to do: faith-driven Ministry activity.

Brands & Clients

A Free course about Creating an active, engaging Social media presence while keeping your hands (almost) free through Automation

You will learn:

Lesson 1: Automate your Social Media posting,


Lesson 2: Create a comprehensive Editorial Calendar that your Ministry Team can easily follow,


Lesson 3: Automatically get the best articles and news from top Christian media outlets every day,


Lesson 4: The Ministry Social Media Toolkit: The Best FREE tools available to help you manage and automate your Ministry’s online presence,


Lesson 5: Create impactful and beautiful images to share every day on your Social Media profile using free tools and stock images.


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“Our board members are excited and so supportive of the growth that they’ve seen on social media and our website traffic.”

ann-whiteAnn White,
Founder & Director
In Grace Ministries

“We were looking for someone who would help us identify our brand and create a brand that would be timeless, and very representative of who we are and what we do. A brand that would reach people, reach our followers, with the message that we had and that we’re passionate about. Carlos came along and helped us to rebrand not only our website and our social media pages, the results have been really incredible. Our board members are excited and so supportive of the growth that they’ve seen on social media and our website traffic.


We needed to engage our audience more, and he’s really helped us to transition and understand what is our audience looking for, what are their needs, and how that we create that call to action to get them involved.


We’ve grown exponentially, Carlos was also very instrumental in helping us redesign the book cover for my first book that came out at March 15. We would highly recommend Carlos, and we’re certainly here if you would like to Email us or contact us anyway for further recommendation. We are pleased and privileged to be able to give this recommendation for Carlos Magno.”

“Carlos is an exceptional guy. Extremely professional, skillful and remarkably creative. Will recommend him any day!

May Olusola,
Founder & Editor

“Before we met Carlos, we didn’t realize how much we needed Carlos”

Kathy Sherwin,
Executive Ministry Director
In Grace Ministries

“Before we met Carlos, we didn’t realize how much we needed Carlos. That consistent branding, beginning with the website and how it has translated into every area of the ministry, has been really impactful for us. The opportunity of him showing us his incredible gifting and talent and skill that he has, has really made a difference. In our ministry, and how we communicate with those that we reach out to on a daily basis.”

From zero to 8.5k active Instagram followers in less than 10 months using Ministry City’s Starter Social Media package

A busy Christian entrepreneur, author and coach has seen a tremendous growth in his platform over the last 10 months. We started his Instagram account back in September 2015 and he was one of the pilot accounts for the Basic social media package of services that we’re offering.


The goal was to make sure that the Instagram services that we offered could actually add value to our clients Ministry by growing their audiences in this increasingly important platform that is Instagram. Now, Guy Hatcher has over 8.5 thousand engaged followers and expanding faster each month.


Complementary Social Media Diagnostic

Is your Ministry team spending over 3 hours per week managing your Online presence and getting poor engagement from your audience?

With 30 minutes spent looking over your Social Media and online properties together, we can diagnose the causes of their bad performance and define a course of action that you can easily follow.


After 30 minutes on the phone or Skype with me, you will: 


  • A custom strategy for audience growth;
  • Get a list of quick wins that will only take 15 minutes per day to accomplish; oordinate yourself and your team to keep a consistent content production going.


Yes, it will be a lot of ground to cover in 30 minutes, but I promise I’ll keep us on track. To receive your meeting agenda and scheduling instructions, enter your email address below and click the button.

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